Biosafety Administrators Association, A Year in Review and A look at The Biosafety Administrators’ Professional Certification Program and Tentative 2023 Sessions

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BSAA Year in Review and 2023 Planning December 12, 2022 at 3:00PM Eastern Time Zone All are welcome to attend (No fee to attend)

Topics Summary

  1. BSAA Overview
  1. Summary of 2022 BSAA Offerings and Associated Continuing Education Credits
  1. Biosafety Administrators Association Certification
    1. Who’s Qualified
    2. BSAA PowerPoint Study Resource
    3. Testing Period and Process
    4. Questions and Answers
  1. 2023 Proposed Activities (Webinars and Meetings)
    1. Based on a survey completed by Biosafety Community Members
    2. Reoccurring Opportunities
    3. Solicitation of ideas from attendees
  1. BSAA Memberships, Benefits and Renewal Information
December 12th, 2022 from  3:00 PM to  4:00 PM