Top reasons to join the IBC Administrators Association

1. The organization serves as a "professional home" for IBC Administrators where they can network with other IBC professionals facing similar challenges.

2. Advanced registration opportunities, and discounted attendance fees for IBC sponsored activities.

3. Participation in a list serve managed by the association.

4. Access to a member only web site that serves as a repository for IBC program related, for example, policies, guidelines, templates and process diagrams that are successfully used by organizations for facilitating biosafety compliance programs.

5. Participation in an organization that was developed specifically for IBC Administrators that provides a forum for members to discuss their program issues with peers to discover successful plans to similar problems.

Membership in the Biosafety Administrators Association is open to all individuals having a role in the administration of their organization’s Biosafety program. Institutional Memberships are available to organizations maintaining a biosafety program that oversees the organization’s research portfolio. Institutions may have three of their staff members represent their institution. Individual Membership is open to those individuals who are not institutional members.